Tuesday, March 7, 2017

LinkedIn's Changing Interface

If your LinkedIn's interface has not yet changed, it will shortly. As with any change, there is good and not so good as a result. Some items are easier to maneuver and some are not. What has not changed, and will not change are the following:

Your profile is very important. Spend your time on that first and foremost.

Your Linked In effort is worthless unless you use it.  Your LinkedIn connections are your Board of Directors. It is to them that you reach out for guidance and advise. Be careful with your connections.  Your best ones are former co -workers and supervisors, who know you, have worked with you, and will give you their best effort. Having 500 connections consisting of strangers who are not interested in anything about you except the rest of your connections is nothing to be proud of.

Take your time, pay attention to your profile and to your connections and you will find that Linked In is really the powerful tool that you think it can be.

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