Sunday, January 22, 2017

Where do we go in 2017?

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A new president was inaugurated late last week. Many of my clients are asking me what will happen to the American job market. I can make generalizations but one knows.

Mr. Trump is known to be friendly to business. He is a businessperson himself and has employed a lot of people. He has make many statements  about how his administration will help American business.

The facts, however, are these. Our economy is changing. Automation, globalization, artificial intelligence and technology have all been bearing down. Industries are disappearing and new ones are born every day. The pace is rapid. Skills are of maximum important. The ability to learn and to continue learning is paramount for each individual, and much of this learning must be self initiated. One cannot wait for the employer to direct.

The economy of future is now. Be ready.

Keeping up with trends.

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