Friday, November 1, 2013

Following Your Passion

I recently read an article from "Brazen Careerist" about following one's career passion. In the past, career coaches and counselors always advised their clients to follow their passions. The article pointed out, and justifiably so, that today, that is not enough. It is not about is about your customers. Can you convince your customers that your passion should become theirs? If you can, go for it...but you still need to realize that 1) it is not about you and 2) you need to differentiate yourself from everyone else in order for that "customer" or interviewer or hiring manager to go with you rather than someone else. That means getting a firm handle on your personal brand that is...just what you have to sell, and then being able to communicate it. If you found this post useful and interesting, please consider sharing via the buttons below.

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