Thursday, September 19, 2013


Today, a potential client told me he has actually read  my blog. I have been hearing from other clients about this too. I am so happy to hear that this blog is actually in service to people, and it seems that they like what I say.

I will continue to talk about what I consider pertinent subjects in career development. I will continue to harp on the need for every working adult to take a "career checkup" every year, just as we take an annual medical exam. I will continue to encourage attention to your network. Thinking that you can just snatch a network out of the air when looking for a new job or career is delusional. I will continue to encourage every one of us to be open to all opportunities, further education, whatever it may take to add to a skills base.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

This is Not About You Today: It is About the Employer

The modern job search is not all about you, and that it still hard to believe especially for those living in parts of the US where the economy has been relatively strong during the economic downturn. The modern job search is about the employer and the skills that he/she needs. If you have those skills, you will be hired. If you do not, you will not be hired.

What are the skills that a modern worker needs? Remember that there are hard and soft skills and employers want both. If you are lacking in some, you will not be hired, because employers today can always find someone who has the total package. Therefore, you as the job searcher must find out what hard and soft skills are needed and get them. Period. It will mean research first, perhaps working with a career coach, perhaps going back to school in some way.

Your career voyage will not yet be done. Prepare to become a lifetime learner. Constantly researching and acquiring new skills will be the ticket into the future.

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