Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Once again, I am seeing a round of clients determined to change careers rather than changing jobs within the same industry, and these folks are coming from all walks of life. So many say the same thing; a feeling of disenchantment, no encouragement on the part of management of teamwork, and certainly no acknowledgement of a job well done.

I probe my clients even before we plan to work together. Do they really want to change careers? Do they understand the sacrifices of time, money, etc that goes into a career change? Many do not, because they waited too long to even make the inquiry.

If you truly begin to feel that what you do professionally is not the answer anymore, do not delay. Seek out the services of someone like me. Do not wait until you are so unhappy that an instant fix is all you will be able to tolerate. There is no instant fix in any world, and especially when changing careers. Start to consider your next career when you begin your present one; look for your next job the day you start one.
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