Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Getting More Play?

A long time client just reported that after several years of intense networking, suddenly he is getting some "play", that is interest in his skills and abilities from prospective employers which he has not seen before, including from industries that he never thought would produce any connection. He admits that he has spent so much time intensely networking that he has not paid any attention to other aspects of his life...he need to consider his physical space, in case a new position means a move elsewhere; he also needs to pay attention to his financial situation.

Might a new position, if everything else were "in place" mean starting at a lower salary? It just might....therefore, it is very important to be aware of where you stand financially. A new position might mean a lateral or even a step back but such a position might expose you to a new and better skills set which would ultimately lead you to an even better and more prosperous future.

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