Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Burning Bridges-Never a Good Idea

I am presently working with a client who, as a temporary worker, was treated poorly by the employer. He was told he had the "inside track" toward a permanent job, did more than what was required of him in terms of job performance, and then found out through another source that he would not be getting the job. When he asked, the reason given to him as to why the employer was hiring someone else was, in his opinion, shaky at best. Therefore, he left immediately, causing coverage problems for the employer and prompting a scene between him and his immediate supervisor. He was told not to expect a good reference.

While his reasons for leaving immediately were understandable, the way he handled it was poor. Never burn your bridges! At all times, your intent to get leave an employer with good feelings and with a positive reference. My client is now working on securing a positive reference from another source within this temporary job. I hope he will be able to do so.

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