Friday, April 27, 2012

She Has The Contacts!

A returning client to me with whom I just finished working reported that she has secured a wonderful new opportunity in a new industry. How did she find it? She leveraged her contacts. She kept in touch, added them to her LinkedIn profile, used them as her "board of directors", and in a short while, found a new position. It also helped that she has great skills, which she has not only kept up but added to all the time. So what do we learn from this? In this economy, more than ever, a combination of great, current marketable skills plus an active networking plan can spell success!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Is Staying at Home With Children "Real" Work?

The latest war of words in this year's presidential race spotlights our continuing national debate about whether or not staying home to raise kids is "real" work. I am not going to enter this fray; however, what I am going to say, as a career coach, is that every one of us has the choice to make over whether  to step out of the workforce  and concentrate on raising our children, or stay in the workforce and do both. There are a lot of factors to consider; ours is not a society that makes it easy on the family to do both. The input from a career coach can help you make the decision. It is worth your time and effort.