Friday, March 30, 2012

Are You Still Waiting?

Recently, I saw another client who had worked with me about one year ago to try and identify a new and different career. She was unhappy in what she thought was her present sales career; however, what was really going on was that she was unhappy with her present employer. Once she realized that, she decided to stay and try sculpting her job to better meet her needs...and it did not work.  However, she managed to add  new skills during her extra year on the job, and now she is back again, ready and able to search within her current field, but with the addition of newer and better skills. She is bright, saavy and a go-getter with excellent  skills. She understands the power of both social and in person networking and instead of whining about her problems (her present position will be eliminated by the end of the spring), she is best positioning herself for a fruitful job search, and I will be there to assist her.

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