Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Work Close or Work Smart

Recently I met with a female client, who is a mom and a person who always puts her family first. She is out of work, and her skills set is such that she believes she will have to commute a fair distance in order to find employment. Culturally, her position in her home is that she works, commutes and does everything else as well. Therefore, she was frequently exhausted and does not look forward to resuming that lifestyle again.

I coached her to realize that she can either work close (and that may just not be possible, given her skills set, her home location, and the impact of the economy,) or work outsource whatever she can (yes, even if that means spending money on housecleaning, grocery delivery, etc). I cautioned her about the message that she gives to her spouse and children when she tries to do it all. Telecommuting is not a given, and frequently not available in government connected jobs.

Such is the dilemma in many a modern American family. What is your close or work smart?

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