Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Time Out

Today I scheduled a meeting with a client who literally cannot come to see me unless she an get a Saturday morning appointment, which, luckily, I offer. Otherwise, she would have to invent a "doctor's appointment" in order to take a few hours off. Granted, she could hardly tell her employer that she has an appointment with her career coach, but making an employee, especially in a small business, account for every moment of "time out" when the employer does not hesitate to take as much of the employee's personal time as is deemed "needed to do the job" is hardly fair and hardly right. Yes, we are seeing more and more of this in the present economy, but that does not justify it. So, Mr. or Ms. Small Business Owner, look at your policies, both written and unwritten, and think again about them. Yes, there are those employees who will always violate the "rules"; then again there are also those employees who deserve to be treated as human beings with needs not necessarily covered under any HR policy manual; tending to their physical and mental wellbeing is important and part of every employer's responsibility.

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