Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Ability to Sell

Can you sell? According to various reports about the skills very marketable right now in this country, the ability to sell can prove to be the ticket to your next job. There are those who feel that sales is a part of every job right now, and I believe them correct. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, needs continual good customer servioe training, and I also think that everyone needs sales training. In everything that you do professionally, you are selling..not only your product or your service, but also yourself. If your present employer offers any kind of training, but especially customer service and sales training, take advantage of it, whether or not it is usually offered to those in your job. Ask your boss to enroll you. If your employer does not, he/she should be. If you are a business owner, make sure all your employees are trained, and continually trained. That is the ticket to professional success.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Taking It One Step Further

Recently I had an email from a client who worked with me about one year ago. He has been trying to re enter the work force especially in the non profit world. He has had all kinds of interviews and has yet to land a job. He asked me for any further advise. I reminded him that it is not enough to say you want the job; you must show you can do the job and do it better than anyone else. If you are fortunate enough to get an interview situation and just prepared for the old fashioned "they ask the questions and I answer them" interview, you are missing a bet. These days, you have to DEMONSTRATE worth. So...based on your previous research and what you have also gleaned as the issues facing the employer, tell them, or rather show them, what you would do in the first 30, 60 or 90 days. Assess the climate in the room, and if you are comfortable, go for it. Make sure your comments are simple and direct. Remind the interviewers that you are basing your comments on what you know so far; it may not be enough, but based on what you do know, present your case. I recommended that my former client try this technique. I hope to hear good news in the future.