Thursday, September 8, 2011

Have an Interview Appointment? Are you ready to Sell?

Modern interviewing may no longer be the standard one on one conversation in a private room, or even one versus a panel of interviewers in a private room. Today's interviewing may and can include time spent with potential colleagues or direct reports, and even a formal presentation to an audience of any size.

Be aware that when you interview, it may be suggested first that you sit with some future colleagues and/or potential direct reports to you. Do not be fooled...this is still an interview and how you interact...the comments you make, the questions you ask, will all be mulled over and reported back to the hiring manager. ...will you fit in? are you knowledgeable about the company...the industry? Be yourself...but be prepared.

The next step may also be a formal presentation, with you as the presenter. A topic will be suggested and you will be expected to prepare and speak for the amount of time allotted. What do you do? You research your subject, practice your presentation, have a look at the room and check your equipment beforehand, dress appropriately, know everything that you can about your audience before you meet them, and then do your best. The key here is preparation, so call in a consultant with a background in public speaking preparation (like me!) to get you ready. Remember, the most sought after skills by any employer today are communications skills...the ability to read, write, listen and speak well. If you can do all of these well, you can do anything.

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