Friday, July 15, 2011

The Start Up of You

Thomas Friedman, the author, recently posted a blog on this topic in the New York Times. He commented on his vision of the hiring future in this country and it will truly be survival of the fittest. Employees of the future, according to him will have to "turn on a dime"; in other words constantly stay current, constantly add value, constantly reinvent. Entirely new mind sets and skills sets will be necessary, including getting rid of the "grand plan". Perpetual career planning will be the key; keeping on top of what industries are working and growing will be necessary, and being able to "role with the punches" will be paramount.
How will our schools adapt, especially the schools of higher education? Who will be responsible for training these future employees, especially in encouraging entrepreneurial vision? I think that the responsibility for training the future US workforce will lay squarely on each individual in it. As I mentioned above, survival of the fittest will be the name of the game. Think about it.

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