Friday, July 22, 2011

Is Your Career Stagnant?

I see clients every day who profess a real need to change careers. They are convinced that their present situation is so unpalpable that a 180 degree change is necessary. One question that I ask right up front is whether or not the present career can be "sculpted" to make it less stagnant and more rewarding. Many say no.....but frequently, most begin to consider it, based on the current uncertainly of today's economy. What do you do when you think your current career is stagnant?
First, realize the importance of your mind set. Look at what you enjoy in your present career. Look at what is working and how you can get rid of, or at least lessen, what is not. Be more positive and more flexible.
Second, self-consider. Consider what your ideal work world would look like and then think about how to get there.
Third, how are your skills? Are there job tasks that you do now that you need to do better? Be open to further training and education and take advantage of any offered. If it is not offered, go get it yourself.
Fourth, do something. Action can mean progress. Talk to a career coach, to your boss, to anyone who might help you. You will be glad that you did.

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