Thursday, June 30, 2011

Are You Female, Good in Math, and Want to Get a Job?

Recently, The New York Times published a blog by Ariana Gardella, who helped start Network Equipment Technologies, a company that went public in 1987. She is now chairwomen of Coraid. She is also a professor at Stamford.
Ms Gardella talked about how she got into technology because she was good in math and was economically motivated. She feels there is no real barrier to women in technology and urges women to take advantage of technology courses at the university level. CEO's she claims, do not come out of HR; they come out of product development and marketing in technology based companies.
She recommends that girls get involved in computing by first grade. She wants to see games and contests that appeal to first and second grade girls rather than boys. Little girls like the idea of saving the world, and she feels that technology solutions will play a large part in our efforts to build a better society in the future.