Thursday, February 10, 2011

Harvard Study Suggests that Bachelor Degrees Are Not for Everyone

Harvard University recently published a study suggesting that the current emphasis in US culture on every high school graduate continuing onto higher education with the goal being earning a bachelor's degree is a poor idea. Why this is news to any of us is surprising. The poor state of the US economy in the past few years is in many ways a result of "College is for Everyone" thinking so prevalent in our society. Now it has taken Harvard to echo what so many other trustworthy voices have recently commented on....the need for more than one kind of respected educational track for our youth, rather than the one size should fit all idea that has never made any real sense. Go to O'Net. Have a look at the predictions for the jobs of the future. Many of them do not require more education than what a local community college offers. Start there, Youth of America. Learn some skills. Develop and grow those skills. Then consider, if you want, further degree work. Have a career plan, rather than just a college plan. You will be glad that you did.