Monday, March 29, 2010

KSA'S Gone!

The federal government recently announced that as of April, 2010, KSA's (knowledge, skills and abilities) will no longer be required for most federal job applications. I say "most" because it will still be up to the hiring manager to decide whether or not to use them in the vetting process. The federal government, it appears, wants to move more toward a private sector style job application.

Keep in mind, All You Federal Job Seekers Out There, that an awareness of your knowledge, skills and abilities, and the ability to write them in "sales" style, is still very important, no matter what type of resume you are writing. KSA's may no longer be necessary on the application, but still should appear in the body of your resume. Read the federal job announcement carefully. No matter whether it asks for a USAJobs style resume or not, understanding what your knowledge, skills and abilities are, and how to write them is still key, and will remain so.

Need help? Contact a career coach. You will be glad that you did.