Saturday, January 16, 2010

Getting More Out of Your Graduate Education

So, you have decided to return to school and get a graduate degree. You have done your research (you think) and have decided to get a graduate degree not because you do not know what else to do but because you are sure that this degree will assist you in further career development. If you are like many graduate students now, you feel you need further education to insure career success in the future.

Whether or not the above is true is up to you...however, if the above describes you, then I suggest that you pay attention to the following during the course of your education: consider seriously how the knowledge that you are learning can be applied to your present job or to the one you want in the you see a direct match? It is not enough for the admissions department to see the match; you must see it and understand how all you are learning can lead to future success. Then, talk to your professors! Tell them about your career goals...use them as mentoring sources. Many professors work in business too and those are the people who can help you the best. Lastly, volunteer within your field; look for internship and shadowing opportunities so that as you prepare to graduate, your can show both theoretic and practical knowledge to a potential employer.