Monday, December 14, 2009

"Slow Careers"

I recently read on article on this subject. A "slow career" is defined these days as a cultural shift, and as a slowing down of one's life pace...either because of choice or because the slowdown is thrust upon you. The article states that frequently this slowdown leads to the development of better self-understanding and increased ability to deal with the demands of life, employment, etc.

I think we will see more "slow career' participants in the coming years. Our population is aging, and although the baby boomers are probably the healthiest, both physically and mentally, of any group that has ever approached "old" age in this country, many of these folks will opt out of their present "fast' careers situations as soon as they can,,or they will be pushed out. What is interesting is that this phenomenon sparks interest in younger people as well. The stress and pace of modern careers and modern lifestyles, coupled with the challenging economic times, makes the concept of a slow career very attractive for various reasons to some. Think about this concept as you ponder your next career move. Your physical and mental health may thank you in the future!