Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pulling Out All the Stops

Yesterday I volunteered to critique resumes at a local job fair. I met with a young women who had just earned her master's degree in school counseling. She was bemoaning her lack of a job, saying that area schools (she meant public schools) were just not hiring. I asked her a series of questions and her answers immediately showed me that she had not pulled out all of the stops in her job search. Had she gone to her university's career center for help?... had she looked into employment in any private schools in the area?...had she joined any professional associations or her alumni association and tried networking through those?...had she tried social networking sites?...had she expanded her search outside of this area, especially into places where there were immigrant populations speaking the languages that she speaks? and finally, had she considered her transferable skills and how to use them to secure employment in another area of counseling?...Obviously, this young women had not...and that is one reason that she does not have a job right now.

In this market, it is very important to "pull out all the stops" and leave no stone unturned when looking for a job. Make sure that you do.