Thursday, July 2, 2009

A New Reality

One of the things that I enjoy as a career coach is the variety of clients that I service. Besides my private practice, I also volunteer at my local one stop career center where I use my group skills with a new collection of people each week, many of them immigrants to the US. It always strikes me how different we are as a people and yet how similar. What I am hearing from all my clients is how the "new reality" of job and career search is challenging the mental and perhaps even physical health of most of us, and what I continue to tell everyone, from the newest immigrant to the executive at mid career is the following: continue to hang in there, work your network, prepare career plans A, B and maybe even C, be positive, and be good to yourself even in the smallest way. Remember that you are the president of "You" Inc. and it is in your best interests now and in the future to always be prepared for changes in your work life.