Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Using the Internet for Your Job Search

The Internet has become the single biggest tool that most Americans use when searching for a new job, and it is a wonderful tool...but it is just that...a tool, and how you use that tool will have a huge effect on how successful your job search will be. First, you must do your homework and find out which one of all those job boards posts the most jobs that you are qualified for, and with the salary that you feel you can command. While social networking sites like Linkedin and Twitter are all the rage, nothing beats face to face, one on one contact, so do not ignore old-fashioned ways of networking. Tips from friends, a mention of something available from a web contact to whom you have offered help ...this is the way to tap the job market. Talk to everyone, even if you cannot fathom how that person might be able to help you...you never know.

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