Monday, March 30, 2009

Half of Life is Showing Up (and Being on Time)!

I volunteer at a local job and career assistance organization where I teach a once per week resume writing workshop. Every week the staff overbooks my class just so a reasonable amount of people will show up...usually it is half. Why don't people come? I suspect that these folks have not yet learned that half of success in work life (and also life in general) is showing up! Some people also do not understand the importance of being on time. Frequently, I have latecomers...I allow those folks in a few moments late, but after five minutes, no one is admitted. The other half of success in work life (and also life in general) is appearing on time. Perhaps this is why your polished resume did not get you an interview. Did you submit it by the deadline date? Might your colleagues at work be upset with you because your share of the latest project was not in on time? Was a reason why you were denied a promotion because you have to be chased for items due..and everyone else around you resents that? Being on time is a necessity in the American workplace these days. Just something as seemingly slight as being there and being there on time can make a world of difference.

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