Monday, March 2, 2009

Further Education, Anyone?

So many times lately, there have been articles in the media about the number of adults going back to school for further education and/or retraining, rebranding, as an answer to today's job and career challenges. As a teacher and trainer, I have always believed that furthering one's education is great...however, these days I am not so sure. If you think that going back to school is your answer, you first have to decide in what? Many of these articles tout the education, finance or healthcare fields as prime targets, but there are many different avenues in all of these as well as in other which one do you choose?? and what if none of those avenues appeals to you? How will you know that you will both enjoy and profit from the going back to school experience before you commit?

The answer is research,,and a targeted step by step search leading you to a decision that is right for just you...right in that you will have the personality, ability, and interest to profit from the training/education. Make that decision carefully...and seek out the consultation expertise of a trained professional ( and not the admissions counselor at an institution of higher learning near you). You will be glad you did.

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