Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Belated Goodbye to "Shifting Careers"

I just this week found out that "Shifting Careers", a column about the changing world of careers in this country has been discontinued by The New York Times, where it appeared. What a shame that in times like these, this well written, well thought out column has been let go. Its title, "Shifting Careers" I found to be so pertinent today. Even if you think the latest job and career turmoil has not had an effect on you, stay tuned. In the world of career development, things are shifting more and more each day...young people about to graduate from post secondary education will find a challenging job market, even those with "high demand" majors. People at mid career need to be aware that their "solid" job can disappear in a moment. Baby Boomers face a particular challenge as they ponder "retirement" and what it will mean in the future. Gather your resources, read as much as you can about the future of career development and work in this country, remember that there are people (like career coaches) who can help you, and by all means, get ready to be flexible.

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