Thursday, February 26, 2009

Career Education in the Schools

As someone who offers career development and transitions services to all age groups, from high school students through Baby Boomers, and has experience with all these groups as well, I read this morning yet another posting about career education, or lack thereof, in the public schools. It is my belief and experience that when true career development education is not taught through the curriculum in public middle and high schools what results, among other things, are young people who are clueless when making post secondary choices, as are their parents for them. In our recent past, these young people overwhelming go to four year colleges, then take 6-7 years to complete, if they ever do, because of continual changes of major. Many finish/drop out with little to no marketable skills, and are the first to be let go in a downturn. They select a path simply because they do not have a grasp ofwhat else there might be..and besides everyone else is doing the same thing. For any parents or teenagers/college students and parents of same reading this blog...find out what your school is offering in terms of career development/transition services and take advantage...job an internship, schedule informational interviews and before you make the usually very expensive decision, especially in these times, on post secondary education, make sure that you have an idea of "where you are going" and why.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Belated Goodbye to "Shifting Careers"

I just this week found out that "Shifting Careers", a column about the changing world of careers in this country has been discontinued by The New York Times, where it appeared. What a shame that in times like these, this well written, well thought out column has been let go. Its title, "Shifting Careers" I found to be so pertinent today. Even if you think the latest job and career turmoil has not had an effect on you, stay tuned. In the world of career development, things are shifting more and more each day...young people about to graduate from post secondary education will find a challenging job market, even those with "high demand" majors. People at mid career need to be aware that their "solid" job can disappear in a moment. Baby Boomers face a particular challenge as they ponder "retirement" and what it will mean in the future. Gather your resources, read as much as you can about the future of career development and work in this country, remember that there are people (like career coaches) who can help you, and by all means, get ready to be flexible.

Monday, February 23, 2009

It's Past Time for a Resume Tuneup

When was the last time that you tuned up your resume? What? You don't think you need to..? Everyone, and I mean everyone, needs to have an updated resume available at all times, and especially now. Yes, we in the D.C. area are partially insulated from what is going on nationally, but be one is completely protected...

So, take out that resume and look at it just a list of job titles and dates and responsibilities? That isn't going to cut it you must show value, accomplishment and skills. How do you do that? Well, you can sort through the many, many books, articles etc. on the internet on this topic........or you can get it done professionally, with a career coach to help you.

Don't delay in these challenging days. Until next time...